The Center for Transformational Studies

Welcome to the Center for Transformational Studies!

Our programs address deep personal growth
and help transform your perceptions of nature, while providing a nurturing environment where you can embrace change.

Our Web of Life shamanic apprenticeship: Resurrecting the Old Ways: Walking the Land and Honoring the Spirits in
Right Relationship
will help you become aware of and work with the spirits of nature. By learning how the Ancients and Indigenous people understood reality and connected with the land, you will be able to transform your lifestyle, perceptions of nature and develop Right Relationship with the earth and all her creations.

Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing offers consultations in advanced energywork. This transformative process brings inner peace, self-integration and wholeness by releasing old emotional patterns and trauma, through deep purification, chakra repair, and revitalizing your meridians.

Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Mentoring offers deep listening and verbal support for your spiritual journey called life. In a sacred space of unconditional love, compassion, and presence, Barbara-Lynn will help you discover how to listen, access and embrace your own heart’s wisdom and guidance. In this way, you can transform outdated beliefs and work towards self-mastery.

Our Transformational Astrology readings also further your innerwork. By fostering an understanding of major life challenges, you will learn how to navigate around or through them. Astrology sessions also help you identify and apply innate gifts and discover your life’s true purpose.

Aromatherapy Celebrations!, offers a fine line of handmade essential oil products to support and enhance your life. We specialize in products for alternative health practitioners, and others who value the benefit of subtle aromatherapy. Try one of our best sellers: Room Clear spritzer, Five Element Spritzers, our Chakra Oil set or anointing oils. We also sell
First Aid products and Skin Care. All our blends are made with organic essential oils and botanicals of impeccable quality.

Whether it be my apprenticeship, a tutorial, an aromatherapy product, energywork, or astrology, we are sure that you will find your visit to the Center for Transformational Studies both rewarding and educational.