The Center for Transformational Studies

Aromatherapy Seminars

Aromatherapy I

Tuition: $89 Register

Come, have a great time learning the many uses of essential oils, and learn an abundance of useful information to help integrate aromatherapy into your life. A thorough overview includes history, quality vs. quantity, properties and uses, hands-on experience and more. This is a good workshop for beginners.

Aromatherapy II: The Art of Blending

Tuition : $89 Register

Should have previous aromatherapy experience

Extend your experiential knowledge of essential oils, by using your intuition to learn how to balance the aromas of your therapeutic blends.

Aromatherapy III: Chemical Components

Cost: $109 Register

This workshop enables you to understand the basic properties and actions of essential oils through their chemical make-up and helps you identify potentially toxic oils.

Participants should have experience with aromatherapy. This is a good workshop for Feng Shui, Massage or Healing Arts practitioners who want to compliment their work with aromatherapy.


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