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Sacred Anointing Oils

To anoint with oil is one of man’s oldest healing techniques, and one of the most beautiful gestures you can give, for Anointing is an act of blessing oneself or another, to consecrate or “make sacred”.

In most ancient traditions the practice of anointing was performed to consecrate kings or other high standing dignitaries for public and/or spiritual office. Hindus and Buddhists also anointed statues of holy deities, Egyptians anointed the dead, while Christians and Jews sometimes anointed for medicinal and social purposes.

From butter, sweet smelling flower preparations, ash, milk, water and oils, a variety of materials were used. Today scented anointing oils are usually applied to your wrist, neck, temples or hair to enhance and celebrate that special moment.

Blended from essential oils specifically selected to raise your vibration and align you with your sacred self, our precious Anointing Oils will enhance your meditations, prayers, healing sessions, or group activities and help you raise your consciousness in the new millennium.

Sandalwood Anointing Oil

1/2 dram $19

Use for Meditation and Inner Peace


Sandalwood anointing oil enhances your meditations by connecting you to the Divine by calming and focusing the mind. Opening both crown and base chakras, Sandalwood oil has a balancing effect on your body and spirit. A drop on your 3rd eye or wrist goes a long way!

Because Mysore Sandalwood is on the endangered species list due to unsustainable foresting in India, our Sandalwood comes from Australia.

Frankincense Anointing Oil

1 dram $21

Sacred Lotus Attar

Frankincense is known to profoundly affect us spiritually and psychologically, by stilling the mind, calming our central nervous system, and helping us to break free from mundane attachment. Frankincense is also subtly grounding. As it opens our crown chakra, and balances our third eye, it also connects us to the earth through our base chakra. Good for meditation and for enhancing ceremony and ritual.

Amber Anointing Oil

1 dram $15

Purifies the Body, Heart and Spirit

Amber Attar

A gentle anointing oil, Amber purifies the body, heart and spirit by opening us to unconditional love. It’s warming, stimulating, clarifying and calming qualities help us to accept change and remove self-imposed obstacles by instilling a sense of courage and confidence.

Spikenard Anointing Oil

1 dram $20

Good for Grounding

Spikenard in Golden Jojoba

Identified with sacredness, spiritual healing & wellness, Spikenard’s pungent, earthy aroma will ground you while lifting your heart. By creating a state of inner peace, this anointing oil helps us release and heal emotional wounding and stress, while connecting us to our Divine self.