The Center for Transformational Studies

Transformational Astrology

Our Transformational Astrology readings are deep and identify:

* Your Evolutionary Goals
* Your Karmic Challenges
* Your Soul’s True Purpose

while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics.

We specialize in Birth Charts and Planetary Returns

All Readings Are Recorded for Your Convenience.

Readings Are Given in Person or
During a Phone Call that You Place.

Birth Charts: This reading is important because it not only serves as a foundation for all other chart work, it is also an overview of your potentials, challenges, strengths, and suggests how to heal and work with your core issues. This reading always includes the current year’s outer planet transits. Sign up for one today or give as a gift!

All Planetary Returns happen when a specific planet returns to the exact degree in the birth chart. These readings show where to focus your time and energy, while helping you to recognize major life themes.

  • Solar Return happens yearly when the Sun returns to the exact degree of your birth time. Because life themes shift from Birthday to Birthday, it is important to get a yearly reading to help you stay in touch with appropriate goals. You can also recognize and face issues early to avoid conflicts arising later in the year.
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  • Saturn Return happens every 28-29 years, when Saturn returns to the exact degree on the birth chart. This is a significant life turning point. (Adolescence to adulthood at 28 and midlife to elder years at 57). Because everyone has their own individual theme to work through, a reading at these junctures is important.
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  • Chiron Return marks a spiritual awakening at 50. At this time we begin to sense our mortality and become more service-oriented. What will you do with the rest of your life? Find out with a reading.


    Birth charts with Transits $125
    Planetary Return charts $125
    Combined Birth chart and Specialty chart. $240
    Mailing of Recording $6

    Remember, I will need your Birth Chart to properly read a specialty chart.