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FAQs for Astrology

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a language of glyphs that represent positions of the signs, planets, and other heavenly bodies in our solar system, and beyond, and their influence on both personal and societal human affairs.

What is a birth chart?

A birth chart or “natal chart” is a snapshot of the heavens at the exact time of your birth and provides all of your positive & negative tendencies, plus your challenges, gifts, weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes it is called a blueprint of your life potential.

How Do I Make an Appointment for an Astrology reading?

You can make an appointment through my website, or by calling me directly at (919) 942-7754. At that time I will need your birth information (day/month/year of birth, city/country of birth and the exact time of birth). If you have any questions/issues you would like me to address during your reading, please let me know when you make your appointment. I will also need your contact information (phone & email address). Advance payment is also needed.
Once I receive your information we can find a time that is best for us both for your reading.
For Phone Consultations: please pay attention if there is a time zone difference. My office is located in the Eastern Time Zone, USA. At your appointed time, you will need to call me.

How do I pay for an Astrology reading?

For your convenience and security purposes, all payment transactions are made through PayPal. You can either pay through my website or I can send you a direct link to PayPal. All payments must be made when you schedule your appointment.

Why is an accurate birth time important?

The exact time of birth is essential because it creates your Rising sign (Ascendant), plus your planetary and sign placement. Because your Rising sign shifts one degree every three minutes, a ten minute interval may change how your chart is interpreted.

How do I find my Birth Time?

The first place to look is your birth certificate or baby book that was made at the time of your birth. If you don’t have either of these, you can contact the records department of your birth hospital and ask them to look at your birth certificate or face sheet of your baby chart to see if there is a birth time. Another good source is the Vital Records department of the state in which you were born. You can also find out your birth time online at the official sites of Vitalchek or Vitalrec. Please do not rely on your Mother’s memory because it’s usually not very accurate.

Can I have an Astrology reading if I cannot locate my birth time?

Yes! Although I do not do rectification (a process that works backward through events in your life to find an approximate birth time), I can still give a reading based on your planetary aspects, moon phase, solar/lunar eclipses and transits. I can also check to see which planetary cycles are currently taking place to help you understand your present life challenges.

What types of consultations do you offer?

  • Birth (Natal) chart ~ A snapshot of the heavens at the exact time of your birth and provides all of your positive & negative tendencies, plus your challenges, gifts, weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes it is called a blueprint of your life potential.
  • Solar Return Chart ~ Given around the time of your Birthday; helps you understand where to focus your time/energy and comprehend any life challenges happening during your current Birthday year.
  • Saturn Return ~ Given around your 28th and 57th Birthdays. Your Saturn Returns always denote a time of major change in your life, as they are the gateways from adolescence to adulthood and mid-life to your elder years. A Saturn Return reading will help you understand the major themes of this important life cycle and how to master its inherent challenges.
  • Chiron Return ~ Although this reading is usually given around your 50th Birthday, due to Chiron’s very elliptical path, people are now experiencing a five year Chiron Return ranging from ages 47 – 52. This cycle catalyzes spiritual growth. A Chiron Return reading helps you understand its significance and how to actualize it during your second half of life.
  • Astrology Readings for Babies & Children ~ Because a child’s personality is not fully developed, my reading focuses on how parents can best support their child during their formative years. I also discuss potential gifts and difficulties your child may have.
  • Combination Astrology Readings ~ The most popular combines your Birth Chart and Solar Return; however a Solar Return reading with either a Saturn or Chiron Return reading is also favored.

Are your Astrology readings recorded?

Yes! Because there is far too much information given during a reading for you to remember in detail, I feel a recording is essential for you to fully process your session. You can take home a CD or have an MP3 emailed to you.

How long are your Astrology readings?

Single chart readings are about an hour in length and a double chart reading can be as long as two hours.

Can I give an Astrology reading as a gift?

A gift reading is a great idea however; please bear in mind that not everyone wants to know who they really are. It’s always a good idea to discuss your plans with your friend or family member first. If it’s something they really want, I am happy to give them a reading. Please note: that it is up to the gift recipient to contact me to schedule their appointment.

Can I get an Astrology reading by telephone?

Yes! Just let me know when you make your appointment that you would like to do so. Please note: my office is located in the Eastern Time Zone, USA. Also, at your scheduled reading time, you will need to call me.

I’ve already had a birth chart reading. Why do you want me to have it read again by you?

Because your birth chart information serves as a foundation for all your other readings, I need to familiarize myself with who you are. Also, each astrologer interprets astrological data differently so my interpretation will have a different focus, and allow you to glean new insights about who you are.

What is your Astrology chart interpretation focus?

My readings help you identify your Karmic Challenges, Evolutionary Goals and your Life’s True Purpose, while helping you gain insight into how to grow and change in your current life dynamics. I call it Depth Astrology.

What are transits and why are they important in an Astrology reading?

Transiting planets are trigger points that activate events in our lives. They also bring the chart into the present day. I focus on your outer planet transits so you can find out what to expect now and in the coming years. All birth charts include your transits.

When should I come for a follow-up Astrology reading?

It’s always a good idea to receive a Solar Return for your Birthday. In this way you can understand what your current challenges will be and where to focus your energy and time. Also, having a reading as you approach your 28th, 57th Birthday (Saturn Return) and 50th Birthday (Chiron Return) would be a good time to have a reading. At these times we can focus on particular issues these planetary cycles catalyze in your life.

Is it a good idea to bring someone with me to my reading?

Because readings are very personal, I do not recommend having another person present during your reading. You can always share what you learned afterwards or let your friend/family member listen to your CD.

Do you offer Astrology classes?

Yes! I offer an eleven week Astrology course that addresses the fundamental principles of Astrology. Through lecture, discussion and extensive handouts, you will learn the language of Astrology and have a working knowledge of how it all works by the time the classes finish. See my website for more information about Astrology classes..