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Astrology Seminars

Eleven Week Astrology Seminar

This eleven week Astrology seminar addresses the fundamental principles of Astrology. Through lecture, discussion and extensive handouts, you will learn the language of Astrology and begin a journey into personal growth. Classes are 1 1/2 hour long. Students are asked to bring their birth charts to class.

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Class 1
Astrology Signs

Class 2
Polarity and Elements

Class 3
Astrology Sign Modalities

Class 4
Astrology Planets

Class 5
Continuation of the Planets

Class 6
Astrology Aspects

Class 7
Continuation of Aspects

Class 8
Astrology Houses

Class 9
First Impressions - Astrology Chart Signatures, Hemispheres, and Angles

Class 10
Astrology Transits

Class 11
Putting it All Together (includes Transits)