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What People are Saying

Astrology Classes

I attended Barbara Lynn’s astrology class this Spring and found it to be very helpful in introducing me to the key elements of this practice. I now can listen to an astrology lecture and get much more meaning. The class had a relaxed atmosphere and the notes and handouts were well organized. Even though there are many principles and key categories, each topic was presented with just enough detail to lead off a discussion using examples of the principles through our birth charts. Barbara Lynn is an inclusive facilitator who “thinks” astrology and who provided an enjoyable gathering with a detail oriented overview of the field.

Kathy Alberter
Hillsborough, NC

Even though I studied astrology for five years before taking this Beginners class series with Barbara-Lynn, I felt that I was studying with an Astrology Master. Not only did I learn something new each week, she provided tips and shortcuts of her trade that will assist me as I delineate charts for others. I specifically enjoyed her teaching method of using our own birthcharts to learn the information presented. I highly recommend this class for the beginner as well as the novice.

Carol Forsythe
Willow Creek, NC

Barbara-Lynn is a very knowledgeable and insightful teacher, with a very easy and warm communication style. I have studied Astrology on and off for over 20 years, and within a very short time, Barbara-Lynn taught and explained concepts to me that I had not fully grasped in those 20 years. She has a structured methodology for reading a chart that is very useful – I highly recommend Barbara-Lynn as an Astrology teacher.

Jupiter, Florida

Astrology Readings

Last year I received an Astrology reading from Barbara-Lynn. I was really impressed by the way she presented the information. She was thorough, insightful and caring. I found out new things about myself, while learning about astrology too.

Maryann S.
Durham, NC

Science of the stars sits with mechanics, while its artistry rests within interpretation of the subtle dynamics of the horoscope. As in all fields of endeavor, mechanics are many, artists are few, and those who possess both abilities, are rare. Through her deep knowledge of esoteric science and her command as an artist, who uses astrology as her medium of expression, Barbara-Lynn represents such a rare and consummate integration. I highly recommend Ms. Freed’s expert guidance for those who seek to explore the message of their soul that lies hidden in their chart.

Dia Moore, B.Div, MSW

Barbara-Lynn’s birth chart reading was truly life changing for me!Trained as an engineer, and attorney, I was skeptical about astrology. As it turns out Barbara-Lynn’s reading answered some questions I’ve had for decades. I now understand some of my personal and family history more than I ever could imagine. I also now have insights into employment difficulties that have plagued me in my professional life for over thirty years.

Nancy Mayer
Durham, NC

Recently, I felt an urgent inner drive to go over my natal chart reading that I had with Barbara-Lynn about three years ago. After listening to the recording, and reviewing the notes she gave me, I am again impressed by her spoken words, her voice and her way of handling the reading. She sounds very scholarly, positive, compassionate, intuitive and perceptive. I am now taking it all in and processing it again. I feel like it’s all very potent, and still relevant to my current life.

Chapel Hill, NC