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Advanced Tutorials

Resurrecting the Old Ways:

Walking the Land and Honoring the Spirits
in Right Relationship

By learning how the Ancients and Indigenous peoples connected with the land and spirits of nature, this Apprenticeship will help you find peaceful solutions for our global challenges by transforming your consciousness, lifestyle and actions.

    Your Advanced Year includes:

  • 2 Hours/month of Personal Mentoring
  • Elective Spiritual Advancement Sessions
  • The Tutorials Below

Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials are always included in your tuition if you choose to commit to a yearly apprenticeship.

All Tutorials include background, history, focus, exercises & resources on a given topic.

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The Breath of Life $25

On planet earth, everything depends on the breath of life. Without it there would be no humans, animals, plants, trees and even rocks. A link to the Divine, our breath is a constant life-giving energy, and connects us to all our relations, plus the living land. This tutorial teaches how people of shamanic oral traditions worked with the sacredness of breath and wind in their cultures, and how you can enhance your own connection to the Breath of Life.

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Awakening to the Spirit of Life $25

From the dawn of history to the advent of the Roman Catholic Church, the veil between the worlds was much thinner than it is today. This meant that the people enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the natural spirits of the heavens, and land, making their lives interdependent with the Spirit of Life. This tutorial discusses what the spirit of life is, how the ancients worked with it, how our contemporary culture became disconnected from it, and how to incorporate it in your daily life.

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Language and the Concept of Time $25

To us, everything is based on cause and effect, has a beginning and an end, and is related to the concept of past, present and future. In this tutorial you will learn how the structure of different languages can affect your perception of time, and your relationship to the rhythmic cycles of nature. You will also learn several ways to shift your own perception of time to enhance the your synchronistic flow of life.

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Elements and Elementals:
An Overview and the Element of Fire

The four basic, spiritual building blocks of nature are the four elements: fire, air, earth and water, and are comprised of living, etheric substances, unique to each specific element; called Elementals. In this tutorial you will explore how the Tibetan Buddhists perceive the origin of creation, learn about ten different kinds of fire, and how you can shamanically work with the fire elementals.

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Elements and Elementals: Earth $25

Those of us who follow the old ways know that Mother Earth provides nourishment, sustenance, and life to all our relations who call this planet home. For all of her children to prosper, we need to remember that we are all interrelated, and destruction of one of Earth’s off spring, will have dire consequences for everyone else. In this tutorial you will learn the importance of grounding with Mother Earth, and how to develop and work with your senses to expand your shamanic experience. You will also explore a cross-cultural perspective of the origins of manifestation and how to shamanically work with the earth elementals.

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Elements and Elementals: Air $25

All indigenous peoples honored our sacred collective connection, with the Element of Air for they knew without it, our world would cease to exist. This tutorial teaches you how to give voice to your truth by learning how to listen and speak with Right Communication. You will also learn how to contact and shamanically work with the Air Elementals.

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Elements and Elementals: Water $25

Of all the Elements, Water is the most transformative, as it can change its form, from liquid, to solid, or gas, and back again. This tutorial reflects this diversity of characteristics by focusing on the mysteries of water, an ancient healing rite, facets of the unconscious, and cultivating the spiritual aspects of water: unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. You will also learn how to connect and shamanically work with the water elementals.

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Plant Spirit Allies $25

Since the dawn of humanity, plants have partnered with us as allies, providing life giving food, medicine, shelter, and weapons, along with beauty and enchanting scents to feed our spirit and soul. In this tutorial you will learn how to develop Right Relationship with our plant relations, how to choose and work with a plant, and great tips to help you with your studies.

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Pilgrimage as a Healing Path $25

Taken as a rite of passage for millennia, pilgrimage has stirred faith and passion in many a traveler. In this tutorial you will learn how pilgrimage is a healing path, how to physically and spiritually prepare for taking a pilgrimage and how to shamanically tune into the spirits of place at your destination.