The Center for Transformational Studies

Foundational Tutorials

Resurrecting the Old Ways:

Walking the Land and Honoring the Spirits
in Right Relationship

By learning how the Ancients and Indigenous peoples connected with the land and spirits of nature, this Apprenticeship will help you find peaceful solutions for our global challenges by transforming your consciousness, lifestyle and actions.

    Your Foundational Year includes:

    • A Spiritual Autobiography – So I can get a sense of who you are, what your life experiences have been, and what you hope to gain through this shamanic apprenticeship.

  • An Astrological Profile – This helps to define your Evolutionary Goals, Karmic Challenges and your Life’s True Purpose.
  • 2 Hours/month of Personal Mentoring
  • Elective Spiritual Advancement Sessions
  • The Following Tutorials

Foundational Tutorials

These tutorials are always included in your tuition if you choose to commit to a yearly apprenticeship.

All Tutorials include background, history, focus, exercises & resources on a given topic.

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Creating Sacred Space $25

Creating Sacred Space with the Seven Sacred Directions is the single most important shamanic practice we can do to get in touch with Spirit. When we get in touch with the Divine forces in this way, it gives them the opportunity to help us in many ways. This tutorial will teach you how to create Right Relationship with the Guardians of the sacred directions, their individual attributes and how to create sacred space.

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Smudging $25

As a rite of purification, smudging, or the burning of herbs, was practiced for thousands of years throughout the world. In this way our ancestors were able to cleanse themselves and their habitats, to create a state of balance for daily shamanic life and ceremony. The Smudging tutorial teaches how and when to smudge, plus details on the many herbs you can use.

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Offerings $25

Offerings are a way to honor and respect the life force in all of creation and to acknowledge humanity’s unity with nature and all of our relations. This tutorial teaches everything you need to know about offerings including materials used in many cultures throughout the ages.

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Returning the Sacred to Our Daily Lives

Altars have been in use for thousands of years, as a visible symbol between heaven and earth. Wherever archeologists have discovered human habitation, remains of altars have been found. This tutorial offers a detailed discussion on how to make one for your private shamanic use, why altars work, purification, sacred space, and much more.

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The Medicine Bag:
Gateway to Empowerment

It is believed that all shamans, the world over, in ancient and present times, worked with a medicine bag in some capacity to carry trade implements and/or enhance their personal or spiritual development. In this tutorial you will learn the true meaning of the Medicine Bag, how to use it, and how to make one.

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Secrets of the Drum and Rattle $25

Dating back to antiquity, the universal drum and rattle have been discovered on every continent, and nearly every community. This tutorial will teach you the history surrounding these ancient shamanic tools, their hidden properties, and much more.

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The Art of Dreaming $25

Here in the West, we are trained to believe that our only true reality is our waking state, yet if we master the art of dreaming, it quickly becomes apparent that this too, although different, is another form of reality that can enhance our lives. This tutorial discusses a few indigenous dream techniques, how to protect yourself in the dream world, and concepts of the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

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The Labyrinth $25

The Labyrinth is one of the most ancient motifs known to man and is still worked with today for meditation. This tutorial discusses how the labyrinth works, how the ancients used it, and how to make one of your own.