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What People Are Saying

Barbara-Lynn is truly an open hearted kind soul. I came to her to help me call in the spirits into my life so I could bring meaningful work and financial abundance. She conducted a small, very affordable ceremony that was easy to understand, simple, and to the point. Only a week or two later I was offered 4 jobs and realized that my doors to financial possibility were wide open! I am continuing to work with one of those jobs currently, and after a year, I thank Barbara-Lynn for helping me find meaningful work that has helped me support my family and has overall truly inspired me as a person. Thank you BL!

Ash “Tree” Zuorski

I purchased several tutorials from Barbara-Lynn’s Shamanic tutorials and found them to be easy to understand and full of solid, precise information. The tutorial that stands out the most for me is the step-by-step process of building a medicine wheel. Barbara-Lynn does an excellent job of sharing core Shamanic information on how to build a wheel in a way that is filled with beauty and integrity that is easy to understand. I highly recommend this & all of her other informative pieces that were delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Jennifer Shaw, Lexington, KY
Jennifer Shaw Coaching/Reiki Services

Your course on Creating Sacred Space was easy to understand and gave a good general overview of the subject matter. I also found the course Plant Spirit Allies very educational and insightful, thanks for providing this information.

Charles Lightwalker, Spokane Washington
Family of

The path of a shamanic apprenticeship is surely a “road less traveled.” It is a personal journey, but Barbara-Lynn has been essential as guide, supporting me as I find my way. Her compassion, steadfast loyalty, expertise, and devotion to service have sustained me through the inherent difficulties of this work. Her willingness to share her lengthy personal experience has been of crucial help, especially in times when I have doubted the integrity of my own experience. If you choose to embark on this road, you can be sure that Barbara-Lynn will guide you with expertise and utmost integrity.

Hillsborough, NC

I liked the tutorials because the content was thorough and well researched: consisting of facts, as well as, shamanic and mythical knowledge.

Carrboro NC

I found Barbara-Lynn to be a veritable fountain of information, which I’m sure anyone studying with her would appreciate. She clearly can enhance the understanding of students from novice to expert levels.

Eunice Wheeler, PhD.
Chapel Hill, NC