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FAQs for Spiritual Healing & Mentoring

What is Awakening the Heart! spiritual healing?

Our Spiritual Healing empowers and brings wholeness to your life by healing, transmuting, and releasing old emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Our unique approach helps create personal integrity, clearer life choices, more confidence, and develop compassion for yourself and others. In this way it expands your awareness of who you are and allows you to live life in a state of higher consciousness, with authenticity and inner peace.

Who would be a good client for Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing?

Anyone committed to healing their core issues, old emotional patterns, open to spiritual growth, and who is physically healthy would be a good client. Many people are attracted to my spiritual healing after completing several years of traditional therapy, because they want to continue working on themselves, yet need something beyond their previous experience. Other people working with me are simply seeking inner peace and higher consciousness, or are new to spiritual development or in some type of spiritual crisis.

What type of issues does Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing address?

Although my healing sessions primarily focus on spiritual development and healing core emotional patterns that no longer serve your life journey, we also address grounding, blocked creativity, Kundalini blockages, and life direction or purpose. I do not heal physical illnesses.

Am I the right practitioner for you?

The best way to decided this is to, call or email me after looking at my website. Then ask yourself if our communication felt comfortable to you? If so, we are probably a good match. If you are unsure or new to spiritual healing, just ask to arrange a visit to first meet me in person and so you can look at the room we will be working in.

Should I stop seeing other alternative healing practitioners and/or medical doctor(s) while having spiritual healing?

Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing is not intended to be a substitute for medical care, so it is strongly recommended that you stay under the care of your healthcare provider(s). Over the years, I have found that my spiritual healing sessions work well with other alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture, as well as martial arts, meditation and yoga.

How many sessions will I need?

A series of sessions is usually best since your core issues and old emotional patterns have been with you since childhood and take time to gently release, transform and heal. Although the number of sessions is different for everyone, I usually suggest committing to ten sessions. When these appointments are completed, your progress is assessed and you can decide to continue or stop your sessions.

How can I prepare for an Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing session?

Our time together is best spent without interruption, so try not to drink a lot of fluids before your session, and although some people come directly after work, it’s usually best to take some time to relax before your session. Also, please remember to turn your cell phone off before your appointment begins.

What can I expect from my first Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing session?

Through aura scanning, sound therapy, and chakra evaluation I will assess your energy field and give you a detailed report of what was found, while offering a healing plan for future sessions. During your appointment your energy field will also be balanced and recalibrated to be in synch with the intense solar/stellar energies coming onto the planet, thus allowing you to work with them without resistance.
For spiritual mentoring, we will discuss your reason for coming and address how to work through your challenges.

What can you expect from subsequent Spiritual Healing sessions?

Depending on the type of work that is needed, your experience will vary from session to session. However, many clients feel heat or coolness in different parts of their body as well as tingling, vibrations, and twitching. You may also experience periods of intense relaxation where you drift off to sleep. Sometimes clients receive messages or experience visions and dreams.

How do I know my Spiritual Healing sessions are working?

Although it’s natural to feel lighter or clearer than before your appointment, most processing occurs between your sessions. Signs of this occur when situations or people that normally bother you are no longer pushing your buttons. You may also feel more detached from emotional triggers, or become more peaceful or have more compassion for others. Sometimes your dreams give you clues about how you are changing.

Can I have sessions done remotely, over the phone or on skype?


What if I need to reschedule or cancel an appointment?

Please bear in mind that when you make an appointment, that time slot is held for you and your energy work begins in advance of your arrival. So please let me know as soon as possible if you must cancel or reschedule. Although accidents and unforeseen events may arise, I really need to have at least 24 hours notice of an appointment change, otherwise, at my discretion, you will be charged for your missed appointment.

Can my partner/friend/spouse/parent come to my session?

All Spiritual Healing sessions are one-on-one, private and confidential. If you do not drive or need to be accompanied by another person they will need to wait in their car or in a different room from where your healing takes place.

Is it OK to refer someone to you for an appointment?

Absolutely!! A large part of my practice comes from referrals. If you know someone who can benefit from my work please feel free to give them my contact information.
Phone: (919) 942-7754 or they can email me through the contact form on my website

What payment options do you offer?

Payment by Paypal, credit/debit card is available but must be paid at least 24 hours before your appointment. Or if you prefer, you can pay me in cash or by check the day of your session.