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What People are Saying

It is very difficult for me to fully express the deep respect
and sincere gratitude I have for Barbara Lynn as a healer in the few lines of this reference.

She and I worked together for 12 years. The successes I experienced with her assistance were many.

The issues we addressed were varied and complex. Her commitment, sharing heart, honesty, intuition, and plain commonsense were consistent attributes that engendered my unflinching trust.

Barbara Lynn has committed her existence to the True Healing Process. The vast scope of her healing modalities and proficiency is, in part, the result of the decades she has invested in continually seeking to broadening and deepening her skills.

I can recommend Barbara Lynn without reservation to any aspirant who is committed to the developmental process.

Robert Winfrey
Youngstown, Ohio

Barbara-Lynn ~ You have to know: the depression is in remission. I’m leaving for Hong Kong /Thailand/parts unknown… tomorrow!

Thank you so much for your friendship, kindness, generosity and intuitive knowing. You have been instrumental in my healing process, weaving in and out of me along with others with which you share an uncommon capacity for compassion.

I am humbled and am in awe of your presence in my life. Thank You for being with me through the darkest times. You rock!

With GREAT Love and Gratitude,
Ricardo Emil Klecka

With wisdom, grace and special insight, Barbara-Lynn has guided me through a period of confusion and self-doubt. She is a very intuitive and knowing healer that helped me find clarity, allowing me to continue my own path toward personal growth. Barbara-Lynn helped me identify specific internal and external blocks that were inhibiting my development as a person and artist. She offered a clear and meaningful path toward change that has opened my heart to a new way of spiritual growth, love and acceptance. This personal journey is not easy, but I am grateful to have such a wise and caring healer as my guide.

Chapel Hill, NC

Barbara-Lynn is truly a godsend in my life! Our work together has enabled me to grow and progress dramatically in my own healing practice and spiritual path. I know our work together also kept me thinking positively during a recent health crisis and now that I am physically better our spiritual healing sessions are helping me to stay emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.

Haven Carter, Durham, NC
Nia Black Belt Teacher
Reiki Jin Kei Do Master

Barbara Lynn Freed has helped guide me along my spiritual path for over 10 years. Her intuitive approach to my healing process was always tailored to meet my continually changing and dynamic growth path. She has been continually supportive throughout some difficult processes and her integrity is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Barbara Lynn’s therapeutic work!

Glenn Henderson
Hillsborough, NC

Barbara-Lynn Freed of Awakening the Heart! does spiritual healing work. This appeals to me because of Barbara-Lynn’s passion for her work as a healer and the connection I feel with her. She shows great compassion for me and the situations I am experiencing in my life. Her communication skills and style of sharing information are low key, confidential and trustworthy. I can open my heart with ease as I bring any issue to our sessions. She truly cares about her clients and supports them as they implement the new learnings in their life. Her professionalism is exemplary. I would encourage anyone who is brave enough to examine their emotional/spiritual patterns to seek Barbara-Lynn out for guidance and personal growth.

Durham, NC

Barbara-Lynn Freed has been a supportive advocate for my spiritual journey for more than 10 years. Her therapeutic partnership with me has positively influenced my quest for integrity and clarity in all areas of my life. Her vibrational approach together with energy clearing, supportive aromatherapy and energetic infusions has allowed me to leave behind outdated patterns without suffering from the trauma of grieving the past. She is constantly researching healing philosophies and technologies including astrology, and sharing the fruits on her research in our session. I highly recommend Barbara-Lynn for emotional, mental and spiritual support for the spiritual journey.

Kathy A.
Hillsborough, NC