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What People Are Saying

My husband and I have a home-based business and a very small office that contains a fax machine, TV, two computers, a printer, a landline telephone and two cell phones. Being surrounded by so much equipment creates lots of “buzzing” energy in our office and I found myself feeling stressed/agitated quite often as I was working. Since I have started using “Room Clear”, I find that I feel more calm and clear — and the energy in our office feels much more peaceful. I feel more productive and less frenzied! The scent is very light and pleasant as well. I would highly recommend Barbara-Lynn’s “Room Clear”. It is a wonderful product.

Susan Henry
Chapel Hill, NC

I have been using Aromatherapy Celebrations! products for well over a year and I am so delighted with the quality and power of these beautifully crafted aromatherapy sprays, creams and oils. I find the Room Clear and the 5 Element Spritzers especially useful in my work. I often complete a massage or energy session with a 5 Element spray to help separate the energy between my client and myself, as well as to seal in the work they have just received. Every product is created with love and appreciation, and that essence of care is contained within the product itself and is bestowed upon my clients, who gratefully receive it. Thank you, Barbara-Lynn for the Divine expression of your love for our planet and it’s people.

Judith Winston
Health Touch NC LLC
Durham, North Carolina

I love the amber anointing oil, so delicate, and a wonderful aroma with all the natural ingredients.

Peggy Lacey
Durham, NC

I usually have difficulties meditating so I thought I’d give Barbara-Lynn’s Lotus Attar a try. Now it’s so much easier to get quiet and my mind a rest. Thanks to this I now and have longer meditations too.

Billie Little
Durham, NC

I love the way the Sandalwood helps keep me in my body as I expand and open during my morning meditations.

Jenny Hooper
Siler City, NC

As far as I can remember I have had difficulty grounding myself so I was very grateful when I found out about Barbara-Lynn’s Spikenard anointing oil. I couldn’t belief how well it worked. Now I don’t have to be spaced out all the time.

I use Barbara-Lynn’s Chakra oils every time I meditate to stay balanced. I love the way they smell and gently open and harmonize my energy.

Steve Narby
San Diego, CA